Millenial Generation

You can call them what you like : Millennial, iGen, Generation Z etc. This is a generation born after 2000 and you can call them so for all born till 2025. There are so many unborn children today, the world is getting ready to call them by. For these, it does not matter what kind of car or brand you use on the road , because it is deja vu¬†generation. Indian children are no exception. I saw this video clip, my friend has posted in my face book page. love this school child, who got the meaning of traffic safety correctly. Not sure, if their school teaches or their parents discuss at home or this girl’s own innovation, have courage and might is not right and the freedom is there only within following existing law and traffic rules. Enjoy !



Potholes and sons : Grieving father

In India, everyone try their homes tidy and any space which is not theirs is for throwing garbages and the like. Streets are filled with filth and roads are filled with potholes.



Roads are not the priority to fix than to retain power by hook or crook. Same rush to build roads are not shown to maintain with minimum comfort and safety. But, no one bargains with facts. Many die on the roads.

He is a vegetable vendor. His 16 year old son dies due to pothole in Mumbai. Only those who understand what happens after road accident, can understand his plight of him running between poles to pillar, starting with anger to find fault on someone or filled with legalism to punish in the court of law etc. Nothing is enough. The death can never be reversed. His love for his beloved son mixed with helplessness brought him to senses. Now, filled with compassion for others living, he fills potholes with sand, stones and what not with his own hands and many misunderstood him for a lunatic. But, not any more. The people share his agony and support him when he mends ways which looks as innocent as it was always, swallowing up the memory of his son.